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New addition to Team O'Gara

Irish rugby great Ronan O'Gara is to be father again. He reveals in an exclusive interview in the Living section in today's Sunday Independent that he and his wife Jessica are expecting another baby to add to their brood of five-year-old twins Rua and Molly, three-year-old JJ and baby Zac.

"I have four young kids and another baby due in April. So it is pretty hectic at the minute," O'Gara said adding that fatherhood has "been bigger and more important than anything that has happened on the rugby pitch. I have been lucky that I have met a great girl/woman in Jessica. She determines my happiness every day, because if she is not happy I won't be happy and the kids won't be happy.

"That's the reality of it. From a selfish point of view the rugby has been so much more enjoyable because I have a happy home," said O'Gara, who moved to Paris last summer to coach Racing Metro.

O'Gara made an assured and polished debut as a rugby pundit yesterday. He slotted in beside Conor O'Shea and George Hook in the studio with Tom McGurk for the Six Nations double header as Wales took on Italy followed by France versus England. Today he will be pitchside at the as Ireland take on Scotland.

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