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Sunday 17 December 2017

Never mind the bullocks -- just give me a pint of Red Bull

Luke Byrne

THEY say Red Bull gives you wings -- but for one man who experienced the charge of a bull it was more like the ability to run like Usain Bolt.

Malcolm 'Nev' Nevin (63), said that last Saturday he "broke the world record for the mile" when a bull charged at him outside his local pub, the Porter House, in Kingscourt, Co Cavan.

"A friend of mine was outside. She came back in and she told me not to go outside for a smoke because there was a bull out there," Mr Nevin told the Irish Independent.

"I didn't believe her, so I walked out the back and next thing I see this bull running towards me."

Mr Nevin, originally from Barnsley, in south Yorkshire, suffered a minor injury to his arm in the incident.

He continued: "He threw me into the ladies' toilets, I must have broken the world record for the mile. I ran the fastest I have ever run.

"He hit me once on the forearm, he gave it a good whack. It was very sore and it did bleed a little bit but it's better now."

Pub owner Cyril Rafferty said he got a phone call about the incident an hour or two after it happened at around 6.45pm on Saturday evening.

"I wasn't there, but I got a phone call and thought it was a wind-up," Mr Rafferty said.

When he arrived at the pub and watched the CCTV footage, he was shocked.

"He came straight in through the door," he said.

The young bull had escaped from the cattle mart across the road after being sold.

Video footage showed how the handful of customers in the pub scrambled when the distressed animal came in through the door.

After charging through a number of high stools, it ran into a separated poolroom where it drove its head into the table, slamming it into the wall, causing a massive hole. It then lay down on the ground where it urinated and slipped as it tried to stand back up.

The whole ordeal lasted around 10 minutes.

"There was no major damage, thank God, it could have been worse," Mr Rafferty said.

Customers in the pub yesterday said that while they could laugh now, it could have been a tragedy.

"There are elderly men who drink in here who can't move too fast -- what if they got hit?" one man asked.

It is understood that the man who had bought the bull at the mart apologised at the pub yesterday.

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