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Nervous coverage gives way to light relief over a pint

THE nervousness that surrounded the British media's coverage of the first day of the Royal visit gave way to a considered reflection on the historic importance of the occasion yesterday -- lightened with a little bar-room humour that arrived courtesy of Prince Philip's encounter with a pint of Guinness.

Ahead of the queen's much-anticipated speech at last night's state dinner, coverage focused on her visit to Croke Park, scene of the 1920 massacre of 14 civilians by British soldiers.

As #Croke Park became a trend on Twitter in the UK, Scotland's 'Daily Record' described the queen's visit as a "historic new act of Anglo-Irish reconciliation" and said "generations of hurt and mistrust created by those deaths were set aside this afternoon".

The visit to the Guinness Storehouse also provided an opportunity for a warmer tone.

"The queen and Prince Philip were shown how to pour a pint of Guinness, but declined a taste of Ireland's most famous export," commented the BBC website, alongside a photograph of the Duke of Edinburgh looking like he was just itching to get hold of a glass of the black stuff.

The 'Daily Mail' website explained the queen's reticence by noting that her "favourite tipple is gin and Dubonnet with ice and slice of lemon".

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