Monday 18 December 2017

Nearly half of cyclists ignore rules of road

Eddie Cunningham Motoring Editor

CYCLISTS are flouting the law in large numbers, a study has revealed.

Nearly half (46pc) of cyclists are failing to observe the rules of the road, it shows.

The roadside survey was carried out in the greater Dublin area over two days on behalf of Semperit Tyres.

Those carrying out the study found the main infringements included:

• Cycling on footpaths (21pc);

• Breaking traffic lights (19pc);

• Cycling against the flow of traffic or the wrong way on a one-way street (14pc).

The survey also found that more cyclists observe the rules of the road than break them.

Researchers also found that nearly three-quarters (73pc) of the cyclists surveyed were not wearing a helmet. Although not obligatory, helmets can significantly reduce head injuries.

The study also found that the younger the cyclist, the less likely they were to observe the rules of the road.

Teenagers were the biggest offenders while those aged 50 and over were the best behaved.


Two-thirds (66pc) of teenage cyclists were observed breaking the law.

The authors of the study stressed that under the terms of the Road Traffic Act, cyclists are obliged to obey the road traffic laws.

Semperit Tyres Ireland chief Paddy Murphy said safety was the key motivation for the survey, adding there was urgent need for the "significant minority" of cyclists who don't obey the rules to be aware of the danger they pose.

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