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Thursday 15 November 2018

Naomi gearing up for top car show

DAREDEVIL: Naomi Lynch, sister of Boyzone singer Shane, has set her sights on becoming the Dita Von Teese of the fire world
DAREDEVIL: Naomi Lynch, sister of Boyzone singer Shane, has set her sights on becoming the Dita Von Teese of the fire world

NIAMH HORAN Entertainment News Reporter

She has crowd surfed over 10,000 soldiers in Kuwait and dances with fire for a living -- but Naomi Lynch, younger sister of Boyzone star Shane Lynch, is quaking in her thigh-high boots at the thoughts of opening the Top Gear Live show in Dublin.

The stunning 26-year-old will kick off the thrilling car show this Thursday, December 3, with a spectacular live fire act -- as burning rally cars circle around her at breakneck speed.

Promising to be bigger and bolder than last year, the new show will feature the world's first indoor loop-the-loop, a Ford Focus RS changing colour before your eyes and a special motor 'hall of fame'.

Displaying the burns on her arms and her hands from practising her daredevil stunts, Naomi explains how she began playing with fire four years ago -- in her Boyzone brother's garage.

"Shane is terrified of fire. He hated the thought of me doing this at the start. He had a very bad experience when he was younger when he witnessed a friend catch fire at a barbecue and receive bad burns to their face and arms. He won't even allow candles in the house. So he was really worried when I told him what I was practising in his empty garage," she laughs.

Naomi, who also counts twin sisters and former Bewitched stars Edele and Keavy Lynch among her well-known siblings, also revealed how she had to endure years of bullying because of her celebrity clan.

"It was more physical in primary school, there was a lot of kicking and then the abuse turned verbal in secondary school. There were amazing benefits to having a brother in Boyzone and travelling with them on their world tour, but it was pretty tough at the time in terms of other people my age picking on me. My parents could see I was miserable in school and that I wanted to get into entertainment."

Having finally found her niche, Naomi has travelled the world with her fire act, and regularly performs for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda threatened to bomb a hotel she was staying in, while a camp she was based at has come under rocket attack on another occasion.

Still, she admits it's a long way from changing tyres for a living at her dad's garage. "I love cars, danger, speed and fire. So it's the perfect job for me. My aim is to be the Dita Von Teese of the fire world."

She's hoping that the Top Gear show will open the door to many more corporate events in the coming months.

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