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Nancy (91) returns to the classroom

AT 91, Nancy Broin (right) is proof you are never too old to learn, writes Katherine Donnelly.

She jokes that she took an adult education course at NUI Maynooth "because I was tired of knitting and cooking".

And her 64-year-old son Sean decided to follow in her footsteps -- they will both complete certificates in local history next month.

They were among 803 students registered for continuing education at NUI Maynooth this year.

The last time Nancy, who will be 92 next month, sat in a classroom was in the 1930s, when she remembers doing her Primary Certificate and later, a shorthand and typing course. But the avid reader with a curious mind and sharp memory found the return to the classroom for two hours a week, plus homework, no problem.

As a child, Sean recalls his mother bringing himself and his brothers to visit archaeological sites and graveyards

So, it was no surprise that she selected a history of her mother's family, the Conors of Drumcar, Co Louth, for her project, unearthing some previously unknown stories, including a court case over stolen land.

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