Thursday 23 November 2017

'Naming and shaming is my only option' - Owner of well-known dress shop calls for investigation after female gang robbery

Owner of 'Frock n Fabulous' Karen Maher
Owner of 'Frock n Fabulous' Karen Maher
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

An owner of a well-known dress rental shop has called for an investigation after her shop was robbed by a group of women.

Kara Maher has spoken out about the incident and said she witnessed a group of women stuffing their buggies and tops with her stock.

The incident took place at 'Frock n Fabulous', Exchequer Street on Sunday, May 22.

Ms Maher told RTE's Liveline today that six "foreign women" entered her dress shop and took dresses off the rails, putting them into their buggies and up their tops.

Kara posted photos of the culprits on her Facebook as she said “naming and shaming seems to be my only option.”

“I had to physically tackle these girls who were robbing dresses, putting them into buggy and up their tops. I tried stopping them at door but they pushed past me. I work so hard at my business. It's my livelihood yet these girls keep robbing,” she wrote.

'Frock N Fabulous' on Dublin's Exchequer Street
'Frock N Fabulous' on Dublin's Exchequer Street

“My business can’t sustain this level of theft.”

Another caller Austin O’Malley of O’Malley Electrical in Charleville told Joe that he experienced a similar theft in his shop.

 “A woman walked into the shop and she put her hand on an electric iron. She lifted her skirt and put the box under and attached it to something under her skirt and then she just walked out the door.

“She sailed out the door without a bother. I was looking on but what could I do. She had it under her skirt,” Austin said.

'Frock N Fabulous' on Dublin's Exchequer Street
'Frock N Fabulous' on Dublin's Exchequer Street

“The manner in which she was dressed would suggest that she was of a particular ethnic I suppose.”

Austin said that she ran to a car approximately 20 yards down the road.

“She was in the shop I’d say for 10 or 12 seconds I’d say. It was very quick, she was very good at it and sure what could I do, I couldn’t approach her.”

“It was educational. I was shocked how she made it look so easy. I’m sure stuff was stolen from the shop before but I had never seen it,” he said.

'Frock N Fabulous' on Dublin's Exchequer Street
'Frock N Fabulous' on Dublin's Exchequer Street

“For €20 would you be bothered taking that risk? The risk doesn’t come near logic.”

Una O’Reilly owner of Allicano dress shop on South William Street also shared a similar experience.

“Last Saturday the exact same group came into my shop,” Una said.

She said that she looked at the photos that Kara put on Facebook and saw that it was the same group who tried to rob her shop.

“I have them on camera and I looked at photos that (Kara) put up on Facebook, they’re exactly the same as the photo.”

Una said she refused to let the women out of the shop and blocked their exit.

“They’re not Irish. A group of four of them came in and they had pockets built into their skirt because I could see them and they were trying to get the clothes in and I said I don’t have what you’re looking for,” said Una.

“They weren’t scared, they were in there for the long haul but I wouldn’t let them out. I work too hard. I design and make the clothes. I work 18 hours a day, there’s no way they were getting past me.”

“It’s very stressful. They don’t seem to care because nothing happens to them.”

Gardai were unable to confirm to the that an investigation was underway.

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