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Mystery vigilante declares war on graffiti artists

ARMED with just a paintbrush and a tin of grey paint, a mystery vigilante has declared war on Limerick city's graffiti artists.

However, the graffiti which is being painted over is in areas where young artists in fact had permission to spray murals.

Mystery surrounds the identity of the person who is painting over the decorative graffiti. It follows other similar incidents in the city last year when murals were completely defaced at Limerick's skate park.

And concerned Limerick graffiti artists have brought the issue to the attention of the local authority.

Tom Shortt -- an art teacher for the last 30 years and a Limerick city councillor -- said the person responsible is destroying creative work.

"A few weeks ago, all of their work at a spot on the Dock Road was destroyed. The site there is for sale and the owner had let people spray graffiti there unhindered -- there was no problem," Mr Shortt said.

"On St Patrick's Day, some of the best graffiti artists in the country and from abroad worked there through the day on decorating the walls. We had Adam Closer -- a top graffiti artist over from Arizona.

"This has all since been destroyed and has caused enormous upset," he added.

"A person with a spray can in their hand is not as dangerous as a young person with a shotgun in their hand," Mr Shortt pointed out.

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