Monday 21 October 2019

Mystery surrounds frenzied knife attack on sleeping teenager

Calvin Lynch in hospital after being stabbed six times in a case of mistaken identity
Calvin Lynch in hospital after being stabbed six times in a case of mistaken identity
Cormac McQuinn

Cormac McQuinn

THE occupants of a house where a teenager was brutally stabbed six times say they have "no idea" why their home was targeted by a gang of thugs.

In a case of mistaken identity, Calvin Lynch (16) was stabbed repeatedly while he slept after a six-man gang broke into the house in the Hillview Drive estate in Portlaoise.

His mother Marcella Lynch said she couldn't understand how anyone could attack her son so viciously and said: "He was in the wrong place at the wrong time".

Calvin remained in intensive care in Midland Regional Hospital last night while gardai said that no arrests have yet been made and the investigation into the attack was "ongoing".

The frenzied attack happened last Thursday at a house owned by Calvin's extended family.

Two brothers, who live in the property but did not want to be named, gave their account of the shocking events.

They said that the innocent teenager – who has never come to the attention of the gardai – was sleeping in the sitting room while they were watching television at the rear of the house.

Shortly before midnight the front door was kicked down and a number of men wearing hoodies and scarves covering their faces entered.

One of the men explained: "Me and my brother came out and started fighting them. We got them out of the house, but we didn't know there was another one of them in the sitting room.

"He was the one that did the stabbing. He had two knives and he was just jabbing at Calvin. It was like a slaughter house", he added.

The man's younger brother heard the teenager screaming and pulled his attacker off.

After a scuffle the attacker fled the house.

The younger brother told the Irish Independent that Calvin was asking him if he was going to die on the way to hospital.

Asked if they knew why their house was targeted by the gang, he said: "I have no idea whatsoever. We're not gang members, we've never been gang members, we don't hang around with gang members."

Calvin's mother said that her son has stab and slash wounds to his shoulder, hands, arm, hip and neck and had to undergo emergency surgery.

He is to be transferred to St James's Hospital in Dublin where surgeons hope to repair damage to tendons in his hand.

"Calvin's a very timid kind of a child, he's very quiet. He never brought me any bother in his whole life," Calvin's mother said. "What I keep saying is how can they attack a little boy like that, why would they not just leave him alone?"

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