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My Pet: Wobbles got worse, but I'm better now


Molly the dog

Molly the dog

Molly the dog

Hello everyone! I'm Molly and I'm a nine-year-old Cavalier King Charles. I used to be called Lucy in my hometown of Gortin, but my new mummy didn't like that name, so instead called me Molly… and Bonzo and Splingo and Knickers.

I was the smallest of a litter of seven and my mummy took me under her wing and looked after me as I was so fragile and frail …and wobbly. My brothers and sisters liked to eat all of my food, so the lovely lady had to put me in a room of my own to eat my dinner in peace. I was made to go back there once to have babies but I didn't like the boys there so I slept on the nice man's knee instead.

My favourite part of my day is scratching my bedroom door and waking my mummy and daddy from their bed at 5am. I'm very naughty aren't I? However, once this is checked off my list I begin to snore… this always goes down a treat. I'm pretty sure I'm the world's loudest snorer… wanna bet?

My favourite food has to be steak. Mmm I love steak, but my mummy ruins it by putting nuts in it. Closely following my steak is a McDonald's McFlurry and the occasional sleeping tablet belonging to my granny Mags.

My granny Mags recently passed away, which makes me very sad. I used to visit her every Thursday night and we would share our ice creams. We now visit my granda John instead but I run away because there's no ice cream involved! I also love Sugar Puffs for my breakfast with my daddy. We've been doing this since I was a baby.

My nickname 'Molly Wobbles' has become very fitting for me now, as I was knocked down by a car once, which has left me a little wobbly to say the least. It was very scary. And very painful. I broke my pelvis, lost a toenail and lost a few teeth when I was just sniffling and snuffing a pile of straw.

My mummy and daddy asked a nice man called Kieran to make me better, and after my operations I began my swimming lessons (hydrotherapy) with a lovely lady called Claire. She helped me learn how to walk again and I will be forever grateful to them both.

My injury didn't stop me from going on my weekly walks along the river with my family, who I love so very much.

Name: Molly

Finest hour: Snoring and sleeping

Likes: Steak and ice cream

Dislikes: Rain and nuts

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