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'My opinions might not be the norm' - Pro-life campaigner appointed head of UCD's pro-choice student union


Katie Ascough

Katie Ascough

Katie Ascough

A prominent pro-life campaigner has been elected president of UCD's Student Union which holds a pro-choice stance on the divisive abortion issue.

Katie Ascough, a member of Students for Life, whose father Tom Ascough sits on the board of the Iona Institute, was elected following a ballot of students this week.

The Students Union has already committing to running a Repeal the 8th campaign. It first decided not to remain neutral in 2014 and the stance was voted on again last year.

"I am going to be a president for everyone," Ms Ascough said in her speech after her election was announced.

"I came here with opinions that might not be the norm I understand that.

"I have run for this election knowing that and I am now an elected UCD SU President [and I'm] very aware of that and I will be a president that represents everyone," she added.

Thousands of people who attended the pro-life rally in Merrion Square in Dublin at the weekend.

Ms Ascough's position on abortion was raised during her campaign.

Despite her conflicting personal views with the stance of the union she has said she will look to delegate running this campaign to another officer of the union and will do her best to represent the views off all those who elected her.

“All I can say is that I will be doing everything that I have to do to represent students on this issue. I can’t say I’m going to throw away my own personal views, that’s not something I intend on doing,” she told the University Observer newspaper.

“I have absolutely no intention of doing anything that will overtly misrepresent students on that issue.”

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