Thursday 21 November 2019

'My mental wellbeing is affected, it's gone on too long'

Frustrated: Margaret Caffrey
Frustrated: Margaret Caffrey

Gavin White

A Cavan woman has said her "mental wellbeing" has been affected by her isolation as a result of the ongoing bus strike.

Bus Éireann drivers have been on strike for 21 days and fears remain over whether services can been renewed for the upcoming Easter weekend.

Margaret Caffrey (46), a writer from Mullagh, Co Cavan, said she has had to fork out €24 in taxi fees to do her weekly shopping.

Ms Caffrey describes herself as "an outgoing person" and said she "simply can't go and meet her friends" like she would usually.

"I have no sympathy for the drivers whatsoever. I did in the beginning a little but absolutely none now," she told the Irish Independent.

The mother of one has said the strike has "gone on too long". Living in an isolated house situated between Mullagh and Kells , she said her husband goes to work early in the morning and she cannot drive so is unable to leave without taxis.


"Things like going to events and seeing friends. It can't be done. I really miss the opportunity to go out, especially coming up to the Easter weekend," she said.

"How long can this go on for? It is really affecting my mental health," she said.

Margaret said she has lost her "independence" during the strike.

She is unable to go to the local college where she is using the computer facilities to write a book.

"There is no transport and I just hope it can be sorted out before the weekend.

"I don't want to be missing out on anything again," she said.

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