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'My life is ruined' - Woman whose ex behind alleged blackmail plot on cricket captain Eoin Morgan


Cricketer Eoin Morgan

Cricketer Eoin Morgan


Cricketer Eoin Morgan

The woman whose ex-boyfriend was behind the alleged plot to blackmail English one-day cricket captain Eoin Morgan says the scandal has ruined her life.

Brooke Tsakirakis has spoken for the first time over allegations that her former boyfriend, Nick Emery, tried to extort thousands of Euro from the English skipper by threatening to expose details of her previous relationship with him.

“My life is ruined because of a relationship I had five years ago,” she said told the Herald Sun in Melbourne.

“I’m gutted. I had nothing to do with any of this. He’s the one who tried to extort money, not me.”

It is believed the 36-year-old became a victim of the alleged blackmail plot after her then boyfriend Nick Emery found a series of explicit text messages that had been exchanged between Ms Tsakirakis and the former Irish cricketer while they were together five years ago.

Brought up on in north Dublin, Morgan made his one-day international debut for Ireland in 2006 before going on to play with and then captain England.

Last night, the cricket board gave their full backing to Morgan. In a statement they said that the English one-day captain had “done nothing wrong” and that the “blackmail plot” had been given over to Scotland Yard.

Mr Emery, an occupational health and safety consultant, is believed to have sent messages to Morgan and the England and Wales Cricket Board demanding €46,000 to prevent the messages from being handed over to the press.

British detectives are believed to able to track down him down and passed his location to the Australian metropolitan police - at which point he is believed to have withdrawn his threat.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, he said had settled the matter, conceding that he had done “the wrong thing”.

It is believed that no one is to be charged over the incident.

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