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Tuesday 24 October 2017

'My daughter and I live with my parents - I can't afford to move'

Pobalscoil Rosmini teacher Brid McMahon Photo: Mark Condren
Pobalscoil Rosmini teacher Brid McMahon Photo: Mark Condren

Ryan Nugent

A mother of one teaching on the lower grade pay scale is living in her parents' home with her daughter because she cannot afford to move out.

Pobalscoil Rosmini teacher Brid McMahon (35), from Dublin, graduated as a teacher in 2011 but didn't get a job in the profession until 2012.

Her situation means that she is operating under two different pay scales and is down thousands of euro a year.

Ms McMahon (inset) and her teenage daughter, Cara (14), are living with her parents in Marino - she could afford rent in her previous job in business.

"For me there is just under €7,000 a year that I'm not getting, so after five years of teaching there is almost €35,000 that I've missed out on," Ms McMahon said. "I'm still living at home, I can't afford to move out, so it's those differences.

"I was able to afford to rent (in her previous job), I'm a mother as well so I have a child that I need to support and I had to move back to my parents house.

"If I was on the money I should be on, I would be able to afford to pay the rent."

As a business teacher, she said there was an irony to her work with students.

"I'm just teaching the employment equality act to my fifth years so there's a slight irony that I'm teaching it but not getting it myself," she added.

"I couldn't leave, because I love it and I think the department know that.

"But there's only so much you can put up with."

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