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'My children stood on the stairs watching me being shot' - Two arrested over shooting of mother who was hit 12 times

Mother-of-9 Catherine Delaney McCormack was shot 12 times
Mother-of-9 Catherine Delaney McCormack was shot 12 times

Ken Foy

Two suspects have been arrested over the attempted murder nearly a decade ago of a mum-of-nine, who was lucky to escape with her life after she was shot 12 times.

New details about the breakthrough in the case of Catherine Delaney McCormack (51) can be revealed today after a top-secret investigation by Clondalkin gardai.

The suspects, who are believed to be part of a crime gang involved in the so-called D22 feud which claimed three lives, were arrested in the area last month and in August.

"Two males, in their 20s and 30s, were arrested in relation to the investigation of the attempted murder of Catherine Delaney McCormack on June 13, 2008," said a garda spokesman.

"A male in his 30s was arrested on August 10 and a male in his 20s was arrested on November 15.

"Both were released without charge and a file is currently being prepared for the DPP."

In an interview with RTE two years ago, brave Catherine recalled how she told the gunman: "Do you not think that's more than enough?" after he shot her 12 times.

He fired another two shots after she managed to close the door.

She was also given the last rites when she was in hospital.

Catherine, who works as a carer, was attacked in front of two of her children at their family home in Clondalkin, west Dublin.

It was not the first time that she had been targeted.

Four shots were fired through her front door on March 11, 2008, while she was picking up a friend from the airport. Four of her children were at home at the time.

"The doorbell had rung and four shots had come through the door - if I had been there that night I would have been shot dead because I would have gone to answer the door," Catherine said.

A second incident happened two months later.

"That was on May 13, 2008. A substance was poured over the car and it was set alight. I took it very personally," she said.

On the evening of June 13, Catherine was at home with four of her children.

"I was in bed at 11pm. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard banging on the door," she said.

"The doorbell was ringing and then constant banging on the door.

"It had woken up two of the children and they were standing on the stairs as I went down to answer the door.

"I had shouted to them I was coming because they were waking the children.

"There was another two [children] in the house at the time. So they knew that it was myself coming to the door.

"I opened the hall door. The person saw me.

"I'm holding my stomach then and I'm on the ground.

"I had funny sensations in my legs. I'm like, 'what is this?' and then it dawned on me, 'oh, my God, I'm being shot'.

"Then as well I'm thinking of my children standing at the top of the stairs watching their mother being shot.

"There were 14 shots fired. Twelve hit me. Then I managed to get the door finally shut.

"I think I said something like: 'Do you not think that's more than enough?' and I shut the door. But there were two shots fired through the door.

"Like 12 actually hit me. I had six hit in my left leg. Two in my right.

"One hit my stomach and hit the bowel. One in my hip, and two in the back.

"As soon as I managed to shut the door, I was in pain then. I just prayed to God to give me the strength to get through it for the children."


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