Monday 19 March 2018

My angry and defrauded young

There is no doubt 2010 truly has been an annus horribilis for the Irish people.

They are worried and fearful that 2011 won't be much better and they are deeply angry and embittered at those who caused this disaster.

They fear they will lose their jobs, they fear they will lose sons and daughters to emigration; they worry bills won't be paid.

But, most of all, they are worried that, as a result of the actions of crooked bankers, greedy developers and incompetent politicians, their standard of living will fall.

In the latest Quantum Research poll conducted for this newspaper, we asked 200 people what their biggest worry for 2011 was.

Those that were lucky enough to be in jobs were dreading the first pay cheque of the new year, to see what carnage Brian Lenihan's Budget would do to their income levels.

Only then will they see the price they have to pay for the catastrophic errors made by others.

Despite some positive signs of growth returning to the economy, particularly on the export side, the greatest concern of those polled was the thought of having to reduce their standard of living.

Fifty-one per cent of those polled said that having less money in their pocket and having to reduce their spending was their primary concern.

"We run a business and the Government has just hammered us in the recent Budget.

"We fear more of the same next year," said one male respondent.

"I am petrified to see my first pay cheque of 2011 when all the bills come in," one female country respondent said.

The second-biggest worry was the fear of losing their jobs, with 21 per cent saying this concerned them most.

"My job is up for review next year and I am scared stiff I will lose it and then my apartment," said another.

Paying bills came next on 19 per cent, and 9 per cent said that losing their home would be their biggest worry.

"My husband has just lost his job so the biggest fear is losing our house," one respondent said.

Many parents said they feared that they may lose their sons and daughters to emigration during the next 12 months and they were angry at the Government for allowing things to get so bad.

"My two sons are architects and they are both going to Australia in January.

"I am so angry to lose them because of this Government's incompetence," said one male respondent.

Younger callers said they were also fearful and worried that they may have no choice but to leave the country to find work.

"We are going to see how 2011 goes, but it looks like we are going to have to emigrate," a city female respondent said.

Many we spoke to took the opportunity to vent their frustration about the Government, stating they wanted it out of power as soon as possible.

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