Tuesday 12 December 2017

Muslim comments were 'jokes', 'Irish voice' Facebook claims

The 'Irish voice' Facebook page will be referred to gardai and Facebook by the Immigrant Council of Ireland

Sleeve for Facebook 'Irish voice' page
Sleeve for Facebook 'Irish voice' page
Comment posted by page moderator in which they claimed the Muslim comments were intended as 'jokes' They have since been reported by the Immigrant council of Ireland to gardai and Facebook

The moderators of a Facebook page that has been reported to gardai and Facebook following claims of racist comments has said they were “jokes”.

In a message posted on the Irish Voice Facebook page, an unnamed moderator claimed images and quips referring to Muslims were “jokes”.

The images were posted to the message board by users of the site.

The Facebook page bears no association whatsoover to the Irish Voice newspaper in New York.

The page was referred to the Immigrant Council of Ireland via a Twitter user earlier today.

After the page was referred to the non-governmental organisation, which promotes the rights of immigrants in this country, the council tweeted that they would be bringing the Irish Voice Facebook page to the attention of gardai and Facebook.

It is not clear what action the gardai will take.

This evening, a moderator for The Irish Voice posted a comment saying they had “spend the afternoon” removing comments “from kids who can’t take a joke”.

The page has just over 1,000 likes.

Three images posted have been posted over the last 24 hours which appear to have attracted the ire of social network users.

One is a black and white image of a toddler with a caption: “See all you Muslims I’m Irish and I’ll take you all on”.

Another image shows a number of young women in a burka with the comment ‘Check out the future Irish school uniform’.

None of the images or comments have been removed.

The posts attracted a huge level of criticism amongst Facebook users, and were ultimately referred to the Immigrant Council of Ireland who are planning to report them to gardai.

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