Sunday 17 February 2019

Murderer Molly Martens has four years added to her jail sentence

Molly Martens, who, along with her father, Thomas Martens, murdered her husband Jason Corbett. Photo: Donnie Roberts/The Dispatch
Molly Martens, who, along with her father, Thomas Martens, murdered her husband Jason Corbett. Photo: Donnie Roberts/The Dispatch
Molly Martens and her lawyer Walter Holton before her trial. Photo: Mark Condren
Molly Martens
Molly Martens with her father Tom on her wedding day
Guilty: Tom Martens arrives at the Davidson Country courthouse for the trial. Photo: Mark Condren

Ralph Riegel

KILLER Molly Martens has had her sentence for the murder of her Irish husband extended by four years because of repeated breaches of US prison rules.

Martens (34) and her father, retired FBI agent Tom Martens (68), were convicted last summer in the US of the second-degree murder of businessman and father-of-two Jason Corbett (39).

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety indicated Martens now has a scheduled release date from her second-degree murder sentence of April 15, 2041 – four years longer than her former projected release date of August 3, 2037.

The former nanny now faces serving 24 years behind bars.

Martens underwent a major custody review in North Carolina on August 1, just 24 hours before the third anniversary of the brutal murder of her Irish husband.

The Tennessee-born woman was transferred back to a high security prison in North Carolina two months ago after being cited for three separate breaches of prison rules, two alone in the space of a couple of hours.

The custody review took place as Mr Corbett’s family admitted their pain has not eased in the three years since his brutal murder by his wife and father-in-law.


Mr Corbett’s mother, Rita, and his sister, Tracey Corbett-Lynch, said they have faced “a never-ending nightmare of pain and loss”.

Tracey said the Co Limerick family can never forget what was done to Jason.

“The last few days have been very hard because they force everyone who loved Jason to relive the pain of losing him,” she said.

“There is no escape from wondering about what those last few days of Jason’s life must have been like – and the unforgivable pain and cruelty he was subjected to on the night of his murder by people he loved and trusted but who betrayed him in the worst way possible.”

After being attacked by his wife and father-in-law on August 2, 2015, while he was asleep in bed at his North Carolina home, Mr Corbett was then cruelly left to die on the bedroom floor. Martens and her father were accused by prosecutors of deliberately delaying their call to emergency services to ensure Mr Corbett had died when they arrived.

Ms Corbett-Lynch has written a best-selling tribute to her brother, entitled ‘My Brother Jason’.

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