Wednesday 17 January 2018

Murdered teen's mum condemns request for leniency

Kevin Keane

THE mother of a teenager who was shot and raped in the US has condemned a plea for leniency towards her killer by Gay Mitchell.

Evelyn Eudy has told the Irish Independent of her upset that presidential hopeful Mr Mitchell penned a letter asking for the death sentence not to be applied to Louis Joe Truesdale Jr.

Truesdale kidnapped, fatally shot and then raped Mrs Eudy's 18-year-old daughter Rebecca (Becky) in Lancaster, South Carolina, on April 4, 1980.

He was executed by lethal injection on December 11, 1998.

That same year Mr Mitchell personally handed in a letter to the US Embassy in Dublin asking that Truesdale be spared execution. This was in accordance with Mitchell's longstanding opposition to the death penalty.

Becky's elderly mother has told the Irish Independent of her distress over Mr Mitchell's plea.


"Certainly not, he got nothing but what he deserved," she said of the killer when asked if she could understand why Mr Mitchell opposed Truesdale's execution.

Mrs Eudy added that speaking about the matter was still difficult for her, despite the 31 years that have passed since she lost her daughter.

Five years after Truesdale's execution, Mr Mitchell penned another letter, this time calling for a halt to the execution of Paul Jennings Hill, who was convicted of the murder of a doctor and his bodyguard outside a US abortion clinic in 1994.

Hill was executed by lethal injection in 2003.

The Mitchell campaign has stressed that the Fine Gael politician "abhorred Paul Hill's crime and that the campaign to have him spared was led by Amnesty International".

Irish Independent

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