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Murder accused was so drunk he didn't recall stabbing, court told

A Polish man on trial for murdering a young shop assistant told gardai he was so drunk on the night he had no recollection of any incident or of having stabbed anyone.

The Central Criminal Court heard yesterday that when Alexsander Nadowdny was shown CCTV footage of the encounter between himself and Kieran Cunningham (20), he broke down and said: "This is horrible, I don't want to see this . . . I don't believe it. I can't remember any of this."

Mr Nadowdny (28), formerly of Renmore Park in Galway city, denies murdering Mr Cunningham on June 2, 2009.

The supermarket worker from Claregalway died after he was repeatedly stabbed in the chest and stomach. One wound was 13cm deep and went right through his heart. Mr Nadowdny said he had taken steroids and drank straight vodka, before going to a club with a friend -- Jolanta Zlotnik -- hours before the fatal attack. After leaving the club, he said he "collapsed" outside on the street but became aware of a person trying to push Ms Zlotnik.

"I could see someone trying to push her, something nasty . . . I did not feel threatened but I was concerned about Jolanta," he told gardai.

But he said Ms Zlotnik told him there was no need to get up as everything was ok. The next thing he remembered, he said, was her waking him up and pulling him by the hand down the street.

The defence maintains that Ms Zlotnik was being harassed by Mr Cunningham, and became annoyed and upset when he continued to direct insults of a sexual nature toward her.

Ms Zlotnik, who was the main prosecution witness in the case, denied during her two-day cross-examination that this had been the case, telling the court the victim had merely said "f**k off".


John Shortt, defending, put it to her that she told Mr Nadowdny she had a knife, and said he should "do something" about Mr Cunningham.

Mr Shortt suggested that Mr Nadowdny then took the knife from her bag and crossed the road to where Mr Cunningham was.

Ms Zlotnik denied the suggestions. Mr Nadowdny also told gardai Ms Zlotnik was not involved.

He said: "She is so good, it's all my fault. I did not do anything."

The trial continues.

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