Tuesday 10 December 2019

Mums-to-be told to attend health clinic for vaccine

Pregnant women, who have been recommended to get the whooping cough vaccine, should go to their local health clinics instead of GPs, according to the bodies representing family doctors.

The advice to pregnant women to get the vaccine was issued because of an upsurge in cases of whooping cough.

However, the Irish Medical Organisation and the Irish College of General Practitioners said the most appropriate setting for women to be administered the jab was at their HSE public health clinic.

They said: "The level of detail that would be needed by GPs to provide adequate counselling for pregnant women could be improved.

"Obstetricians need to ensure this issue is discussed at antenatal clinics and a joint consistent approach is adopted by all health professionals that the patient will encounter. It would appear that no information is being provided on this vaccination at antenatal clinics."

They insisted there was no contract in place for GPs to provide this additional service.

Irish Independent

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