Tuesday 17 July 2018

Mum-of-six and man killed, three including child injured in Dublin housing estate shooting

  • Mum-of-six and man killed in shooting
  • Gangland-style attack in housing estate in broad daylight
  • Two other people being treated for less serious injuries
  • Child did not receive gunshot wounds but was injured in chaos
  • Car found partially burnt out a short distance from scene
  • Gardaí have recovered a sub machine gun and a handgun
  • Neighbour says 'everybody was hysterical'
  • 'How could they do this? How could they do it with the babies there?' - neighbour
The scene of a shooting in Dublin housing estate
The scene of a shooting in Dublin housing estate
The scene of a shooting in Dublin housing estate
The scene at Bulbutcher Drive in Ballymun
Scene of shooting in Ballymun housing estate
Scene of shooting in Ballymun housing estate
Scene of shooting in Ballymun housing estate

Cathal McMahon and Robin Schiller

A man and a mother-of-six have died, and another three people including a child were injured, after a gangland style attack on a house in north Dublin this evening.

Emergency services are at the scene of the shooting in Balbutcher Drive in Ballymun.

A source said paramedics were working on a man in his 30s outside the home while the woman, in her 40s, was inside the building.

They have both passed away following the incident.

Two other people - a woman and a man - are being treated for less serious injuries at the Mater Hospital.

The attack happened at approximately 4pm in a housing estate in Ballymun.

The scene of a shooting in Dublin housing estate
The scene of a shooting in Dublin housing estate


Gardaí have recovered a sub machine gun and a handgun they believe were used in the shooting.

Gardaí are investigating if the victims of today's shooting were not the intended targets.

Sources said that a man, who has a number of previous convictions, fled from the scene and was uninjured in the incident.

The dead woman is in her 40s and lived at the house with her own mother who is in her 70s.

This older woman was in hospital at the time of the attack receiving treatment for a serious illness.

Scene of shooting in Ballymun housing estate
Scene of shooting in Ballymun housing estate

A younger woman, who is related to the female murder victim, also suffered gunshot injuries in the shooting. A source said this woman was holding a baby, and standing in a kitchen of the home, at the time of the incident.

The male victim was shot while sitting in a car at the front of the home. Another man also suffered gunshot injuries.

Scene of shooting in Ballymun housing estate
Scene of shooting in Ballymun housing estate

A silver Opel Zafira with 08 LS plates was found partially burnt out a short distance from the scene.


The scene at Bulbutcher Drive in Ballymun
The scene at Bulbutcher Drive in Ballymun

A grandmother has told how she was alerted to the incident after hearing "what sounded like dozens of bullets" and then "screaming babies".

Carmel Byrne said: "It was like a machine gun going off. My daughter came out to me and said, 'did you hear that?'"

The pair made their way from their home on Balbutcher Lane to Balbutcher Drive where the shooting occurred.

"I could hear the babies screaming."

She continued: "We saw a fellow jump over the wall, there was only of them there that I saw."

The mother and daughter went inside the home where they saw the female victim, a mother in her 40s, was lying on the floor.

Ms Byrne said the children were carried out of the building.

"I knew that she [female victim] was gone so I went outside and started pushing on his chest. I didn't know who he was."

Ms Byrne said emergency services arrived a short time later.

"How could they do this? How could they do it with the babies there?

"I just want to see whoever did this caught."

Ms Byrne continued: "She [female victim] was in the hall when I got there. I told everybody to 'get the f*** out' in case he was going to come back.

"The chap was in the car. I kept the pressure on, I kept him alive. He was alone in the car, in the driver seat.

"He was shot in the hand, heart and chest. He had a pulse when I was with him but it was only a faint pulse. There was a lot of blood."

She continued: "There was another fellow begging me to keep him going.

"The guards and the ambulance were there in a few minutes.

"Everybody was hysterical down there."

Ms Byrne, a mother of five, said there were two others injured in the area but "they seemed fine".

Ms Byrne said: "I'm in total shock."

"When I went down and seen who it was, it was like seeing your own daughter.

"She was lovely, so gentle and kind."

Dublin Bus issued a statement saying the No.13 will not be travelling via Balbutcher lane until further notice.

"Instead it will operate up and down the Ballymun Road (R108). We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused."


Speaking at Ballymun Garda Station, Chief Supt Lorraine Wheatley said: "We are appealing for information in relation to a shooting at 4pm today in Balbutcher Drive.

"Four people were injured, two fatally. An incident room has been set up at Ballymun garda station and the technical bureau are at the scene.

"I'm appealing to the community if they have any information to come forward."

Two vehicles have been recovered including a Solver Opel Safira on Balbutcher Drive with a registration number 08 LS 3101.

A Golf GtI 06, registration LH 3466, was also found partially burnt out at Santry Close in the aftermath of the shooting.

The senior garda confirmed that a firearm believed to have been used in the shooting was also recovered.

Commenting on the victims, Chief Supt Wheatley said the fatally wounded female was a mother to six children. 

A child also suffered minor injuries but these were not gunshot injuries.


Local TD Noel Rock said: "This is the worst thing to happen in Ballymun in many years, my sympathies are with the deceased and my thoughts with the injured.

"I hope that gardaí are successful in their enquiries, assisted by the community where necessary and that order is restored and justice is done. It's frustrating to see this happening in Ballymun when we all know that the community is much more than this kind of bad news."

Róisín Shortall, TD for Ballymun and co-leader of the Social Democrats, expressed her horror at the shooting.

She said she was concerned about the impacts of the violence on the local community in Ballymun.

"This afternoon's gun attack in Ballymun where two people lost their lives and a number of other people were seriously injured has been met with shock by the local community who are terrified that recent tensions within the area will now escalate further and spill over into their communities," the TD said.

"Today’s events are shocking and a huge disappointment to the many community leaders and residents in Ballymun who are building a peaceful community in which families can rear their children in safety, older people can feel secure in their homes and people can go about their ordinary business without fear.

"The horrific incident is a chilling reminder of the extent of gangland crime on Dublin’s streets."

She added; "The incident should act as a wakeup call to the Government that gangland crime in Dublin remains prevalent and wreaks havoc across the city and in many local communities. It is crucial to invest in adequate policing and it is also crucial to invest in and to sustain investment in building safe and strong communities across the city."

Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan TD, condemned the shooting.

“This outrageous attack is totally unacceptable and I utterly deplore this shooting which has tragically resulted in the loss of two lives as well as others injured.

"These ruthless people have no regard for human life and this will not be tolerated. The gardaí continue to confront this threat daily and are determined to see those involved brought to justice. This callous, cold-blooded violence has no place in our communities - the Government and gardaí stand with the people of Ballymun against such despicable acts and will continue to ensure there is high visibility policing to combat such attacks, including extensive armed checkpoints across the city, for as long as necessary.”

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