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Mum who left baby at B&B now faces hearing

A YOUNG mother who left a baby in a Dublin guesthouse before boarding a flight to Germany faces a court hearing before she can take the child home.

It is understood that the 25-year-old German woman has returned to collect the child, who she left at the Glen Guesthouse on Lower Gardiner Street on April 14.

The baby was left for around three hours before a worker at the guesthouse noticed him and the authorities were contacted.

The child, who she intends to name Luke and who the woman told guesthouse staff was eight weeks old, has been under the care of the HSE since.

Gardai are still investigating the incident but it is understood that a criminal prosecution is unlikely.


The woman now faces an assessment process by the HSE and her first meeting with officials was due yesterday.

Whether his parents need support to adequately care for the child is one of the issues that will be considered by care workers.

The HSE will put together a plan for the safe return of the child to his parents.

It is then necessary to present the case to the District Court with the recommendations of an assessment and to seek the approval of the court to proceed.

An HSE spokeswoman yesterday said that she could not comment on individual cases.

It is understood that the woman was studying in UCD and hid her pregnancy from friends and family by wearing baggy clothes.

The woman will also have to undergo DNA tests to confirm that the boy is hers.

Gardai liaised with German authorities and quickly tracked her down after she had boarded the flight to Frankfurt.

It is understood that at the time she said that she wanted "nothing to do" with the child.

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