Tuesday 22 January 2019

Mum threw herself on boy (6) as gunmen fired shots at their bedroom

Scene of shooting in Mulhuddart, west Dublin
Scene of shooting in Mulhuddart, west Dublin

Ken Foy and Conor Feehan

A six-year-old boy had a lucky escape when his terrified mother threw herself on top of him as three gunmen stormed her west Dublin home and fired shots into their bedroom.

The capital's latest shocking gun attack happened at around 10.30pm on Sunday, when three men burst into the west Dublin property intent on murdering a man who has close links to the 'Mr Flashy' gang in a bitter Finglas feud.

Gardai have not made any arrests in relation to the handgun attack at the house in Mulhuddart, during which three shots were fired.

However senior sources have told the Herald that the "attempted murder bid" is linked to a bitter feud which has been ongoing for almost a year.

"How someone has not been murdered yet is simply a miracle," a senior source said.

"An innocent woman and her young child were lucky not to be injured in this blatant feud-related attack.

"The intended target, who does not live in the property, was not in the house at the time.

"He is linked to the drug-dealing gang centred around the individual that is being referred to as 'Mr Flashy'."

The house was unoccupied yesterday following the shooting. Sources said a group of three men arrived at the property and started banging on the door, claiming to be armed gardai.

When they were not let in they kicked in the front door and started searching the house, calling out for a man.

The innocent woman (32) was asleep upstairs with her young child in the same bed, and when she heard shots she lay terrified on top of her child to protect him.

The gang then came up the stairs and fired a shot through the bedroom door and into the bathroom before fleeing.

While nobody was physically injured in the attack, the innocent woman and child were said to be traumatised after the shooting.

Gardai are hoping that CCTV footage in the area may help identify the attackers.

Detectives are working on the theory that the sinister gun attack is just the latest instalment in a bitter feud that the female resident has absolutely no involvement in.

The attempted murder bid happened less than four days after nine shots were fired at a house that was previously linked to an on-the-run hitman for the Kinahan cartel.

That property, which has been vacant from time to time, has been used as an HQ for a dangerous Finglas gang which has links to the cartel. It was fire-bombed and shot at in a sinister attack last November.

The gun attack at the property at Ratoath Drive, Finglas, is being investigated as part of a bitter criminal feud in the area, which has links to the wider Hutch/Kinahan feud that has now claimed up to 18 lives.

This new round of feud violence is being led by a Hutch-aligned Finglas drug dealer who has been at war with 'Mr Flashy' and his gang of thugs.

The gang warfare took yet another twist yesterday evening when the drug dealer was shot in the hand.

Mountjoy gardai were made aware of the development when the gangster went to the Mater Hospital at around 5pm with a bullet lodged in his hand.

The most prominent theory being probed last night was that the convicted criminal may have actually shot himself but by last night gardai had not identified a crime scene.

The gangster is refusing to co-operate with the investigation and was still being treated last night for non life-threatening injuries, which were inflicted by a handgun.

The latest round of violence broke out after the Hutch mob-linked 30-year-old dealer had a brick was thrown through his window.

In a revenge attack, graffiti targeting a 29-year-old jailed member of the rival 'Mr Flashy' crew was sprayed on walls in the Cardiffsbridge Road area, calling him a 'Cryba' or cry baby - which sources said wrongly implied he was co-operating with garda investigations into the feud.

With tensions increasing, gardai operating in the Finglas and Blanchardstown areas have been warned by their superiors not to approach senior gang members involved in the feud without armed back-up because of the gangsters' easy access to firearms.

On the night of April 5, officers raided a property in Mulhuddart and discovered a loaded handgun, a small quantity of ammunition and around €10k of cocaine.

The target of that operation was a small-time criminal who is linked to the 'Mr Flashy' side of the feud - and it is understood the firearm was to be used as part of the dangerous dispute.


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