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Mum takes redundancy in her stride by bringing new child bike to market

A mother of two is hoping a new bike will be on Santa's list for thousands of toddlers.

With no pedals and no stabilisers, the Strider Prebike helps riders develop balance and co-ordination.

Dublin mum Helen Hudson road-tested the bikes on her own toddlers. And after she was made redundant from her job in sales and marketing, she decided to bring the bike to the Irish market. "I got one in Germany for my daughter and loads of people here began asking about it," Ms Hudson said.

Suitable for children aged 18 months to five years, the child simply sits on the bike and rests their feet on the ground. To go forward they push with their feet, and to stop they simply put their feet down. Ms Hudson said the website -- www.strider bikes.ie -- went live a month ago and the response to date had been "phenomenal".

Irish Independent