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Mum 'horrified' as daughter (10) attacked by gang of teenage boys outside local shop


Main street Carrickfergus

Main street Carrickfergus

Main street Carrickfergus

A Northern Irish mother has claimed that her 10-year-old daughter was attacked by a gang of teenage boys.

Sharon Lindsay told BelfastLive that her daughter was returning from a shop just minutes away from their home in Carrickfergus when a group of students attacked her.

The mother of two claimed that the gang of five or six students from Carrickfergus College gathered around her daughter and punched her in the stomach and verbally abused her.

The incident occurred when the schoolgirl was leaving the shop on Thursday morning at approximately 8:20am.

Sharon claims that the group told her daughter to f**k off before punching her in the stomach.

"Then one of them dragged her by the wrist and tried to drag her round the back of the shop. Now I can't even think about why they would have done that, but thankfully she was able to get away,” she said.

Sharon stated that she daughter did not inform her of the incident when she returned home and that she was only made aware of it when her daughter reported the event at school.

"It was when she got into school that she completely broke down and told the principal who then informed me.

"When she called me I can tell you I've never moved as quickly out of my house, I was absolutely horrified, I was shocked, shaking with anger, not at my daughter obviously but at these kids. Who does that to a young child?"

Sharon reported the incident to the police when she became aware of it. She said that they could identify the boys as students of Carrickfergus College because of their uniform.

A PSNI spokesman confirmed: "On Thursday 9th March, it was reported to police that at approximately 8.20am a young female was assaulted in the Castlemara Drive area of Carrickfergus.

"The female victim did not receive any injuries as a result of the incident, however she was left badly shaken. Enquiries into this incident are currently ongoing."

Independent.ie contacted Carrickfergus College for a comment.

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