Thursday 22 March 2018

Mum and son in sea drama owe lives to 'angel' teen

Adam Horgan (15) who rescued Vicki Morey and her son Evan (10) when they were swept away by the sea off the Cork coast
Adam Horgan (15) who rescued Vicki Morey and her son Evan (10) when they were swept away by the sea off the Cork coast
Vicki Morey from Dromina and her son Evan who were rescued on Youghal Beach
Ralph Riegel

Ralph Riegel

A MOTHER and her 10-year-old son revealed they owe their lives to a teen who braved treacherous currents and jagged rocks to drag them to safety off a crowded beach.

Vicki Morey and her son, Evan (10), paid tribute to Adam Horgan (15) who they hailed as "an angel sent from God".

Vicki went to the aid of her son at Claycastle Strand in Youghal, Co Cork, when she realised he had been swept out of his depth by a large wave just a few metres from shore.

The young mother was then shocked to also be dragged into deeper waters by the strong currents as she struggled to keep her son afloat last Sunday.

"All I can remember is Evan saying that he couldn't put his feet down. I was trying to catch a wave so we could swim in but the current was dragging us out to sea," she told the Irish Independent.


"I knew that Evan was beginning to panic and my only thought was that we were both going to die," she said.

The incident occurred just 100 metres from the spot where Youghal youngster Kyle Roche (10) drowned on July 11.

"I knew the only hope we had was if I could somehow scream for help. But the beach was so crowded that I was afraid people wouldn't hear or realise just how desperate we were."

Four teenage girls on the beach heard Vicki's screams and their friend, Adam Horgan (15), immediately dived to their aid.

"He appeared right out of nowhere. He was wearing white shorts and a white T-shirt and I remember thinking that he looked just like an angel from God. Actually, he was an angel because he saved both our lives," she said.

Adam said his cousin, Rachel, heard screams from the water and pointed out the mother and son to him.

"It never entered my head that it might be dangerous. I just reacted instinctively. I was determined to get them both to safety and that was the only thing I was focused on," Adam said.

He first helped get Evan out of the water before assisting Vicki.

"The poor lad, his legs were cut and shredded from the sharp rocks. But he got both of us out of the water. I couldn't believe it. He was a very thin, wiry lad. But if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be alive today with Evan," Vicki added.

The teen introduced himself, shook hands with Vicki and Evan to wish them well and then left the scene.

"We were all so shocked I didn't get a chance to thank him properly. He was a hero, pure and simple."

Vicki, who lives in Dromina in north Cork, said the teen deserves an award for his heroics.

"I want him to get the credit he deserves for saving the lives of two people. I also want people to realise just how dangerous the water can be," she said.

For his part, Adam said: "I am just glad that they are both okay. I suppose it was a case of being in the right place at the right time."

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