Wednesday 22 November 2017

Mugger chased down by victim, cyclist and Luas security

Jane Last

Jane Last

Office staff finishing work at the IFSC looked as a mugger was chased down by the victim, a cyclist and Luas security staff this evening.

Just after 6pm the thief grabbed a smartphone from a young woman on Amiens Street.

The stunned young woman gave chase, helped by a cyclist and two Luas security men.

Several metres up the road the panicking thief stumbled as the security men and cyclist closed in.

The startling mugging was witnessed by dozens of people.

"It was great to see the guy caught. Well done to those who chased him down," said witness Michael Denieffe.

Another onlooker said: "It happened very quickly. There was a scream from the woman in front of me. A man had stolen her iPhone and was running away with it.

"The next minute she's chasing the man down the road in the middle if the traffic

"Then Luas security guards appeared out of nowhere within seconds and grabbed the man who fell in the road.

"The woman got her phone back. But it just show you have to be careful with your phone in public," the witness added.

Mugger apprehended by Luas security staff. Credit: Mike van Niekirk
Mugger apprehended by Luas security staff. Credit: Mike van Niekirk

The capture of the mugger was witnessed and captured here by an journalist.

It was just the latest smartphone theft in the capital which has seen a steady rise in these incidents over the past number of years.

Two months ago, gardai launched a campaign advising people to take greater care of smartphones when in the city centre.

Hundreds of smartphones are robbed from people every week by a number of criminal gangs and sold on to other parties.

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