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Ms Y's baby remains in care

A SOLICITOR for Ms Y has told the authorities that she does not want to participate in her baby's care arrangements, according to newspaper reports yesterday.

The young woman is now being represented by a lawyer specialising in medical negligence cases who appeared on her behalf in court proceedings last week, according to the reports.

The case related to care orders for the infant. His mother, who said she was pregnant as a result of rape, was suicidal and wanted an abortion but by the time she was assessed, she was told her pregnancy was too far advanced. The infant was delivered at 25 weeks by Caesarean Section last month, under new abortion legislation.

The child and family agency, Tusla, has attempted to engage with the mother on the infant's care arrangements and future.

At District Court proceedings last week, Ms Y reportedly indicated through her lawyers that she does not wish to participate. A care order was granted and the baby will remain in care for another two months.

Sunday Independent