Thursday 21 November 2019

Mr John Maguire: Correction and apology

John Maguire
John Maguire

A number of articles published in the Irish Independent and The Herald in September and October 2013 referred to the murder of Mr John Maguire at his home at Ormond Square, Smithfield, Dublin.

It has been brought to our attention that a number of details published in relation to the death of Mr Maguire were factually wrong and based on inaccurate information. 

The Irish Independent and The Herald fully accept that Mr Maguire’s death occurred during a pre-meditated robbery and that any suggestion of any other motives or factors involved in the incident are without foundation.  

We also accept that Mr Maguire’s only relationship with the chief suspect was as a very passing acquaintance.  We are also satisfied that the chief suspect was not a homeless man whom Mr Maguire welcomed into his home. 

The articles, in the direct aftermath of the killing, created a misleading and untrue picture of Mr Maguire’s lifestyle which caused offence and pain to his partner and family.   We are happy to correct the  matter  and apologise to Mr Maguire’s partner and family.

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