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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Moving out for college? Here's the best you can get for your money around the country

If you're thinking of moving into a house-share with friends for college, here's the best you can get for the average rent around the country

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Denise Calnan and Catherine Devine

It's that time of year again - the annual scramble for a half-acceptable room that students will call their accommodation for the year.

It's a financial squeeze even in the best of times and this year is no different. Across all of our major cities, rental costs have hit a new high - for the fifth quarter in a row.

Rents have risen nationwide by almost 12pc in the year to June 2017.

Home-hunters are now facing an average monthly rent nationwide of €1,159. This is up €122 a month since last year.

Meanwhile, there is also a chronic shortage of rental accommodation as the supply of accommodation is at an all-time low for the 50,000 students who are accepting college places nationwide.

If you're thinking of getting a house-share with friends, and saying no to the student accommodation or digs option, here's the best you can get for the average rent price around the country:

CARLOW: Institute of Technology Carlow

The average monthly rent in Carlow is €794. This has risen 11.4pc in the past year.

At that average, there are no available properties in Carlow town. However, landlords on property websites are selling their rooms on a room-by room basis. Prices range from €425 per room in a four-bed housed, to €200 a month for a box room close to the college.

A box room in Carlow for €200 a month

CORK: University College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology

The average monthly rent for a property in Cork is now €1,122. This number has risen 6.8pc in the last year. So, what bang for your buck can you get if you're opting to live off campus?

If you opt to live in the city, within walking distance of UCC, you can get a two-bed apartment on Hanover Street for €1,150. The apartment comes fully furnished. If shared by two people, the monthly cost would come to almost €600 each, not including bills. Another property in the city clocks in at €1,100 for a two-bed apartment. Sparsely furnished, the apartment is a 10-minute walk from the city centre and close to the university too.

A bedroom in Cork City

And, it's unlucky news for those going to CIT. Not one property search online (on three different property websites) yielded a result for the average monthly rent for a house-share in the Bishopstown area. However, landlords are selling rooms on a room-by-room basis. They include €430 a month for a six-bed house in Bishopstown to €520 a month for a bedroom in a five-bed apartment.

DONEGAL: Letterkenny Institute of Technology

The average monthly rent in Donegal has risen 11.5pc in just one year. It now stands at €595. If you're opting for Letterkenny to pursue your third-level education, the rent is very low in comparison to the capital.

If you're budget-savvy, a three-bedroom house in Letterkenny is on the market for a monthly rent of €600. The house is comprised of one single bedroom and two double bedrooms. It has two bathrooms. Rent would work out at just €200 per room.

It is on the opposite side of Letterkenny to the IT, but is promised to be in a "convenient location" and on public transport routes.

There is also a wide choice of two-bed apartments in Letterkenny centre, all for approximately €520 each.

A three-bed house in Letterkenny is up for €600 a month in rent

DUBLIN: University College Dublin, Trinity, Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dún Laoghaire Institute of Design and Technology

Dublin's city centre rent average now stands at €1,741 for a property. It has gone up 15.7pc since last year.

If you're looking to get a house-share in Dublin, you need to be on the ball and may need to split into smaller groups. There is a host of one-bed studios and apartments available, and a few two-beds available on the market too. Most landlords in Dublin are also advertising on a room-by-room basis to suit the student market.

In Kimmage, there is a four-bed house on the rental market for €1,591. It is unfurnished, so may require a trip to IKEA, but it will fit all the friends.

A four-bed house in Kimmage on the rental market

However, in Tallaght, there are a selection of two and three-bed houses and apartments up for rent for the average price and below.

KERRY: Tralee Institute of Technology

Ah, the Kingdom. For those moving to the south-west of the country or looking for accommodation around Tralee, there are a few more options than in other areas of the country.

The average monthly rent in Kerry now stands at €704, it has risen 9.3pc since June of last year.

On offer for the €704 price range in Kerry is the option of a two-bed apartment in the town, a three bed house in a residential area, a two bed house in the older part of the town and a three-bed semi-detached home in the town centre, among others. There is also a four-bed house for €700 in a "quiet residential area", which is located on the main road to the ITT north campus.

A large four-bedroom house in Tralee for €700 a month

KILDARE: Maynooth University

The average rent in Kildare now stands at €1,156, up 11.5pc since last year.

If you're looking to house-share with friends in Maynooth, you may need to think again. Not one house-share for the average rental price or below appears on any of three property websites.

GALWAY: National University Galway, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

Galway, home to two of the west's third-level education colleges,  has seen its average monthly rent rise by 10pc in the past 14 months. The average monthly rent in the City of Tribes now stands at €1,026. One property website yielded just four search results after a search of rental accommodation in Galway city and county between €1,000 and €1,050 a month.

They include two two-bed apartments, one with two double bedrooms (€1,040), and the other with one double and one single (€1,000). If you're up for a 40-minute commute, Loughrea boasts a four-bed apartment for €1,000 a month.

Spacious living area in Galway apartment

LIMERICK: University Limerick, Limerick Institute of Technology, Mary Immaculate College

Limerick now has an average monthly rent of €722, up 8.7pc since June 2016. The city is host to three colleges, including University of Limerick, Limerick Institute of Technology and Mary Immaculate College. If you're saying no to the on-campus option and would prefer to rent a place with friends, there aren't many options at the average rent price.

On property website yields just one search; a one-bed basement apartment in Limerick city for €750 a month. Another property rental website yielded no results for, or below, the average rent price  in any area near any of the three colleges.

The kitchen of a one-bed apartment in Limerick

SLIGO: Institute Technology Sligo

The average rent in Sligo now sites at €658, up 11.9pc since June 2016. The good news? Sligo has a few more options than other third-level centres. Up for grabs are a two-bed apartment for €650, a one-bed apartment for €525 and a one-bed apartment for €550.

A few landlords in Sligo are appealing to the student by posting their accommodation online with a weekly rent price. One six-bed house, consisting of four double rooms and two twin rooms will cost students €65 a week, which works out at €260 a month.


The kitchen in a six-bed house advertised to students in Sligo

WATERFORD: Waterford Institute of Technology

The average rent in Waterford is €746, with rent prices rising to €772 in the city centre.

There are 22 houses in Waterford City available for between €680 and €800 a month.

Options range from a stunning one bed apartment for €680 to a four bedroom house for €800 a month.

Three students can share a three-bedroom house for €720 a month, with two double rooms, one single room and two bathrooms. The house is just a 11 minute walk to Waterford IT.

Three bedroom house in Waterford

WESTMEATH: Athlone Institute of Technology

The average rent price in Westmeath is €787 per month.

Students going to Athlone IT have a choice of seven houses to rent between €700 and €800 a month.

Options range from a two-bedroom apartment for €800 a month, paying €400 each for a double room and your own bathroom. The apartment is in the heart of Athlone town.

Students also have the option of a three bedroom house for €750 a month or €250 a month each per room.

The house is 20 minutes by bus from Athlone IT or a 45 minute walk.

Students also have the option of a three bedroom house for €750 a month or €250 a month each per room in Westmeath

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