Friday 13 December 2019

Mourners face €2 fee to drive into cemetery

A memorial plaque to victims of the Magdalene Laundries in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.
A memorial plaque to victims of the Magdalene Laundries in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

Fiona Gribben

Glasnevin Trust has introduced traffic and parking control procedures in Palmerstown Cemetery despite concerns raised by local residents.

The cemetery recently introduced a controversial €2 charge for people wishing to drive into the graveyard.

The fee, which was put in place by Glasnevin Trust on March 31, led to protests from local residents and more than 2,500 signed a petition.

The graveyard’s planned reduction of its parking space also met with reservations.

Chief executive of Glasnevin Trust, George McCullough, said free entry into the graveyard was no longer ‘practical’ and the introduction was for a number of reasons to create ‘ a peaceful and pleasant environment’.

According to the trust, these include the increasing numbers of vehicles entering the cemetery as well as the rise in 4x4 jeeps driving over graves leaving deep tyre tracks.

“Once on the public pathway, stopped vehicles totally obstruct the pathway thereby preventing other vehicles access expect for reversing, or worse, driving over graves,” he said.

“Such obstruction is also presented to cemetery vehicles and on occasion, funerals are obstructed.”

The measure also aims to tackle the growing amount of household refuse – including fridges, cookers and mattresses – being dumped in the cemeteries, particularly at weekends.

The €2 charge will cover the equipment installed, monitoring of security, improvements and future maintenance to the cemetery according to the trust.

A meeting between Dublin Cemeteries and local residents from Palmerstown and Clondalkin, and public representatives took place recently in Palmerstown Community Centre in an attempt to resolve the issue.

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