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Mountjoy probe into officers' 'long lunch in pub'

THREE prison officers are facing the threat of disciplinary action after allegedly spending a long lunchtime break in a pub.

A further six members of staff at Mountjoy jail are also under investigation for allegedly covering up their absence from the jail.

The incident took place last Friday week and an investigation is currently under way on the direction of governor Ned Whelan.

Senior management at the prison examined the clocking in and clocking out times of the three officers alleged to have been involved in the incident and these did not tally with evidence gleaned from CCTV footage.

The other six staff members are being asked whether they had any knowledge of the apparent discrepancies between the recorded times and the camera footage.


A Prison Service spokesman said last night that they could not comment on the allegations as they were currently under investigation.

But officials pointed out that Mountjoy management would take a serious view of an unsanctioned absence of officers from the jail as it meant staffing levels were not up to required strength.

The management will now prepare a report for the Prison Service headquarters to determine if further action should be taken.

Officers found to have breached prison procedures could face punishment measures ranging from a financial penalty to dismissal.

Irish Independent