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'Mountjoy Prison was like going to college for criminals' - Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch in 2008 interview


The Monk Gerry Hutch

The Monk Gerry Hutch

The Monk Gerry Hutch

Convicted criminal Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch admits anyone involved in serious crime is a fool, or at least he did back in 2008 during a TV interview when he was questioned about his family’s involvement in gangland Ireland.

I feel if they're involved in serious crime, they're very foolish,” quips Hutch during his first ever television interview almost a decade ago.

It was the murder of his nephew Gary last year in Spain that sparked the gangland feud which led to the audacious attack on the Regency Hotel last week which was quickly avenged last night with the murder of Hutch’s brother Eddie (Snr) at his home in Dublin’s inner city.

Speaking to RTÉ's Prime Time in 2008, the convicted criminal shrugged off his own alleged involvement in two of the biggest armed robberies in the history of the State.

"Yeah, I done crimes, some of them I got away with… [but] I had no choice. You had to get into crime to feed yourself, never mind dress yourself.”

Hutch goes on, describing his poor background and how there "was nothing around" as a boy.

"I have a kid now of 15 and I look at the kid and I say 'my God, when I was 15, I was in prison'.

“I mean, I was in prison with murderers, rapists, bank robbers, everything. I'll agree I done wrong but I think the severity of being put into Mountjoy Prison at that age, it was like going to college for criminals."


The Hutch family

The Hutch family

The Hutch family

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Earlier today, RTÉ’s Primetime read out a series of excepts of the infamous 2008 interview with crime reporter Paul Reynolds.

Hutch, who allegedly amassed around tens of millions from bank robberies and fraud scams, denied any involvement in drugs and guns during the exclusive RTE interview.

One of the first people to make a substantial settlement with the Criminal Assets Bureau, he told RTÉ in 2008 that his money came from compensation claims subsequently invested into the housing market.

Repeating his claims that he had no connection to the IR£1.7m Marino Mart and IR£3m Clonshaugh raids in the 1990s, he continued: “I know all about it. I've been arrested, questioned about it, and been writ about.

“I've read all about it in the newspapers. That's what I know about it and anytime it's writ about my photograph is thrown in.

“I'm beginning to believe I done it myself from reading it in the paper. When you read these things every week after week, there must be no smoke without fire. It looks that way, it sounds that way. If it barks it's a dog. I didn't do the robbery, you know."

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