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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Mount Carmel staff may stage sit-in over closure of hospital

Pictured are (LtoR) nurses Maureen O'Connor and Rita Healy and Lisanne Brady
Pictured are (LtoR) nurses Maureen O'Connor and Rita Healy and Lisanne Brady
Emma Jane Hade

Emma Jane Hade

STAFF at Mount Carmel hospital are threatening to stage a sit-in as the hospital closes over the coming days.

The warning of a protest came after a public meeting which was attended by at least 60 people, including members of staff and supporters.

"There's a farewell Mass at 5pm today, and there is a huge amount of people attending that.

"After that we are planning on saying, 'Okay, we are actually not leaving the building'," one nurse told the Irish Independent.

"After the Mass we were supposed to be going for a meal, but we are not going down now. We are going to stay in our own uniforms, and then we are going to sit-in," she said.

Their hope is that a significant number of staff who have been made redundant will occupy a vacant floor in the hospital, but said that this will not interfere with the treatment of any patients who remain in the building in South Dublin.


The 320 people who were employed in Mount Carmel were informed last Friday that they would be made redundant following the appointment of a liquidator to the hospital.

Some 200 of these yesterday received an email informing them that today will be their last day of work.

Last night, several staff members said that they had "hardly slept" since last week and that security at the hospital has been noticeably "heightened" over the past number of days.

They were informed this week that may face a six-month wait before they receive their state redundancy payouts which will range between €5,000 and €20,000.

Marie Therese Mooney said that she has been working in the finance department of the hospital for eight years, and that she is still "shocked, disappointed and sad".

"We are all just hopeful that someone will come up with a plan, give us an answer and maybe make someone accountable for this," she added.

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