Monday 9 December 2019

Mother of foster home abuse victim and whistleblower deny HSE made apology to victim

The HSE said some 44 people stayed at the foster home
The HSE said some 44 people stayed at the foster home
Ryan Nugent

Ryan Nugent

THE mother of a foster home abuse victim and the whistleblower at the centre of the case have denied that the HSE have made any apology to the woman who was allegedly physically and sexually abused.

The HSE claimed that an apology was made to the victim, who had remained in the care home for 13 years after accusations of serious sexual and physical abuse were made against the home.

A former resident made allegations against the home in 1995, but the woman remained in it’s care until 2009.

The HSE claimed that an apology was made for care failings during a meeting with the whistleblower and the victim in December, and subsequently with the victims birth mother later that day.

However, speaking to RTE, the whistleblower contradicted the claims, and insisted that no apology was forthcoming from the health service.

“The first I heard of an apology at all was from the media.

“A meeting did take place, that’s correct the HSE never mentioned that an apology would be offered at that meeting. No apology was offered or made,” said the whistleblower.

It has also emerged that another person, with information on the meeting has made a written protected disclosure to TD John Deasy, insisting that no apology was made.

Mr Deasy said that the allegations made against the home “shocked me to the core”.

In a statement, the HSE refuted claims that no apology was made.

“The HSE wishes to clarify that the apology offered at the meeting with the service user, and by telephone with her birth mother on December 10th last year, while offered verbally by senior HSE staff from the region’s Disability Services, was a formal apology.”

The whistleblower in the case has called for the HSE to issue a formal letter of apology.

“If it is to happen, then it should absolutely be a formal letter and in writing and we are unequivocal on that,” the whistleblower.

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