Saturday 20 January 2018

Mother gives birth on roadside....while her son is rushed to hospital

Holles Street Hospital
Holles Street Hospital
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

A third-time mother gave birth in to her youngest son in the backseat of her car....while on a dramatic dash to see her son Sam, who had been rushed to Temple Street Hospital.

Clare and Henry Nolan's son Sam (2) had taken ill with croup for the second night in a row, and was rushed to Temple Street Hospital.

All the while, the couple were on a separate journey to Holles Street hospital as Clare had begun feeling labour pains.

When driving from their home in Rush to the hospital, Clare gave birth on the side of the road to baby Oliver.

Speaking to, proud dad Henry explained: "On Friday night, around 9pm, Clare had a couple of twinges, but she had been getting pains lately and they always subsided so we didn't worry.

"She had a bath, rang my mother to ask her to watch the kids because at that stage, she knew we would need to go to hospital, and when she went to check in on Sam, he was ill again.

"Clare was in proper labour at this stage and my son was fighting for breath in my arms.

"I'm convinced the stress made the baby come so fast."

It was at that stage that the Nolans called their neighbour, a nurse at Temple Street, who took Sam directly to hospital.

"She brought him, which was great. It couldn't have worked out better because this way, we could concentrate on the baby," he added.

"We left about 30 seconds after they did and I wasn't five minutes in the car when her waters broke and his head was coming out.

"After I drove through the roundabout, she was screaming to pull the car over.

"She knew the baby was coming then, she was holding on to the handle of the door to lift herself up.

"By the time I jumped out of the car to help her, I had a baby

"I remember her waters breaking on my hands and  that keeps on coming back to me."

Both of their older sons were born past their due dates and in hospital.

"I wrapped the baby up warm and put him up as far as I couldn't on her chest.

"At that stage, my phone decided to die - so I jumped into the middle of the road and flagged down cars. Eventually, someone stopped and I called an ambulance off his phone.

"Funnily enough, it was the same ambulance driver that had taken Sam to hospital the night before.

"I realise now, not matter what happened, that baby was not going to be born in the hospital."

Mr Nolan went on to praise his wife for her bravery during the ordeal.

"Clare took it all in her stride," he said.

"I was the worrier, she was totally fine - she did everything, I just held a baby at the end."
They have another son Harry (4), whom Henry insisted, was cool as it could be when it came to the drama around him.

"It's an absolutely crazy star and I can't believe it happened in such a short space of time."

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