Wednesday 13 November 2019

Most balanced referendum coverage was in Irish Independent

Sam Griffin

THE Irish Independent has had the most balanced coverage on the same-sex marriage referendum, according to an analysis of all articles written over the past month.

The study revealed that the divide in the number of articles supporting Yes and No votes was smaller than any other national daily newspaper.

Of the 155 stories published by this newspaper in May, half were in favour of a Yes vote, with a quarter promoting a No vote and another quarter described as 'neutral'.

Just 14pc of the stories published by both the 'Irish Times' and the 'Irish Examiner' supported the No side.

With the 'neutrals' excluded, this newspaper had a Yes to No ratio of two to one. The 'Irish Times' ran three times as many Yes articles to No articles, as did the 'Irish Daily Mail'. The 'Irish Examiner' had four times as many Yes stories.

The research into the coverage by the 10 national titles was commissioned by PR and Public Affairs company MKC Communications from Newsaccess Media Intelligence.

In total more than 700 articles were written on the referendum in May, with 424 supporting a Yes vote and 135 for No. A further 214 were neutral.

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