Monday 16 December 2019

'Most are disgusted but not really surprised'

Local reaction

Ralph Riegel and David Forsythe

SHOCK. Numbed. Another dark day for Ireland.

These were the words used by parishioners across the diocese of Cloyne as damning revelations surrounding their former Bishop Dr John Magee and diocesan child protection failings were confirmed yesterday.

John Sweeney, president of Cobh & Harbour Chamber, said there were few positives for the community.

"I think that there is real shock among people locally that this was going on so recently, that, I think makes the whole situation worse," he said.

"We all really need to move on from this, not just Cloyne but the whole country." One Cobh-based councillor said ordinary Mass-goers were reeling from the revelations.

"Ordinary people are sick to death of this. Most people are disgusted but not really surprised and they don't need any more reports to know how badly the church has behaved," he said.

"There are the diehards who will defend the church whatever happens but they are fewer and fewer in number."

The mayor of Mallow -- Cloyne's biggest town -- described the revelations as "appalling".

Councillor Dan Joe Fitzgerald added: "I can say that in one sense the report is very welcome in that it needed to be done and now it has been published we can move on from here at least."

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