Sunday 17 December 2017

Morrison's visits to Gigi emerge as court lifts media ban

Music legend had 'string of encounters' with baby and woman who claims to be mother of his love child, writes Niamh Horan

MUSIC legend Van Morrison paid visits to Gigi Lee, the woman who claims to be the mother of his love child.

The couple were seen enjoying each other's company in Belfast despite the fact the 'Brown-eyed Girl' singer initially denied he even knew the blue-eyed American when claims were posted on his website that he'd fathered her child while married to Michelle Rocca.

But now a newspaper is to reveal the star enjoyed a string of encounters with Ms Lee and the 15-month-old baby at the end of last year.

Morrison had got an injunction to stop the pictures being published, but the injunction was lifted in Belfast late last week.

Ms Lee worked on Morrison's Astral Weeks tour and was a director of several of his companies.

Morrison and Ms Lee were photographed in public together a number of times, but he took determined measures to prevent their liaisons from becoming public knowledge following a statement on his own website on December 29, 2009, that he and Ms Lee had a child, Ivan Morrison III.

However, with the injunction now lifted, more details of the notoriously private singer's life are set to come to light.

As a close source revealed: "This is Van's worst nightmare. He would absolutely hate his private life being splashed across the newsstands like this. He has spent years protecting his personal life and now his relationship with Gigi has put paid to all of that.

"These latest revelations will devastate Michelle but she's remaining tight-lipped and loyal to Van by not talking about the matter to anyone. Whether she will in the future, we'll just have to wait and see."

On Saturday, September 11, 2010, before the Queen's Bench of the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland, Gigi Lee, Van Morrison and X (a minor) got an injunction preventing the tabloid newspaper from running a story about them.

The court order directed that "information whether photographic or otherwise of the nature set out in the . . . proposed article concerning the private lives or relationships of the plaintiffs" should not be published.

A proposed article, studied by the judge, included details about Morrison's home outside Belfast, its value, layout and furnishing together with the input into its management by Gigi Lee.

It also referred to staff residing at the house, physical descriptions of a child involved in the case and various visitors to the house. There were also detailed descriptions of furnishings and decorations, and work carried out on it at the behest of Ms Lee.

Ms Lee reportedly met Morrison when Rosy Hall, a friend and sister of Jerry Hall, then wife of Mick Jagger, invited her to a London party thrown by Ronnie Wood.

The website statement read: "Gigi and Van Morrison are proud to announce the birth of their first-born son George Ivan Morrison III. 'Little Van', born 28 Dec, 2009 -- the spitting image of his daddy. He is a dual citizen of Northern Ireland/United Kingdom and the United States of America."

Only days later, the 64- year-old singer denied the existence of George Ivan Morrison III.

Public relations executive John Saunders, a family friend, said the singer had told him that hackers had taken over the website to make the announcement.

A later statement from Morrison released by Mr Saunders said that the claims made on his website were "completely and utterly without foundation".

The statement added that the singer was "very happily married to Michelle Morrison" and he said Ms Rocca and Van had spent Christmas together and were both upset at the website's claims.

Morrison and Ms Rocca have lived in a Killiney mansion for a number of years and have had a number of high-profile legal disputes with their neighbours. As well as his two children with Ms Rocca, a daughter and a son, he also has a daughter, Shana, 39, a musician, from his first marriage to Janet 'Planet' Minto.

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