Monday 23 October 2017

Morrison's mouth

Second only to David Norris's ability to lose votes in the presidential election by opening his mouth is Sinn Fein spindoctor Danny Morrison.

The IRA apologist, who coined the infamous phrase that republican strategy was about having an Armalite in one hand and a ballot box in the other, feels the need to intervene in the presidential election.

And isn't that just what Martin McGuinness needs as his cheerleader to endear him to southern voters: the man who advocated the IRA continuing its terrorist campaign while Sinn Fein contested elections.

His latest wheeze was to draw greater attention to McGuinness's denials of involvement in the killing of an IRA informer by questioning the veracity of a respected journalist, Peter Murtagh. Danny's hands were once full with rifles and ballot boxes but his foot is firmly stuck in his mouth these days.

Celebrity support

Michael Twee started off the celebrity endorsements of his candidacy, but Martin McGuinness is catching up. Labour's candidate had actor Tom Hickey, award-winning costume designer Joan Bergin and singer Mary Coughlan at his launch earlier in the week.

Tonight, McGuinness will be supported by Dublin playwright and film director Peter Sheridan at a rally in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin.

Notable absence

Fine Gael's greatest-never presidential candidate Mairead McGuinness will be unavailable to attend her party colleague Gay Mitchell's campaign launch on Monday.

Defeated by Mitchell in the party's selection convention back in the summer, Mairead, pictured left, will be in London making the keynote address at a conference on child protection, while Gay's campaign launch takes place in Dublin.

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