Friday 22 November 2019

More women opting for breast reduction op

Eilish O'Regan Health Correspondent

Growing numbers of women are having plastic surgery to reduce the size of their breasts and find relief from the strain of being over-endowed.

Peter Meaghar, a plastic surgeon in St James's Hospital, Dublin, revealed some women with large breasts have been on medication for years to cope with the stress they place on the back and neck.

This is instantly relieved by a reduction operation, he said.

"Many who have had the surgery describe it as life transformative," added Mr Meaghar.

Novelist and journalist Amanda Brunker, pictured, recently revealed how she had undergone breast reduction surgery and the positive effect it had on her life.

Mr Meaghar revealed: "It is fast becoming one of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures in Ireland."

"In more extreme cases a woman could have up to a kilogram of tissue removed from each breast.

"Whereas the commonest breast size in Ireland is a D-cup, women can present for the operation with breasts as large as JJ-cup. This amount of excess breast weight can lead to very serious pain and discomfort and can cause misalignment of other areas of the body causing further complications," he said.

"Extremely heavy breasts can chafe, leading to bleeding underneath and if it becomes raw it can become infected," he explained.

Margaret O'Donnell, a surgeon at the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, criticised the manner in which some people in the media look on oversized breasts as objects of derision.

"It's anything but for women who have them. Large breasts are not directly caused by being overweight – very small women can have oversized breasts.

"It's a glandular and not a fat issue. Ironically because of the pain their breasts cause them, women who want to take exercise can't," she pointed out.

"Society needs to normalise its relationship with breasts ... If they are too large and are causing problems women should see their GP and consider having something done about it," she added.

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