Monday 23 October 2017

More than 90pc of drivers speed in city's 30kmh zone

Eddie Cunningham Motoring Editor

FEWER than one-in-10 motorists are obeying strict speed limits in Dublin city, a new survey reveals.

And some are driving at nearly twice the 30kmh limit. Part of the reason may be that drivers are unaware they are in low-speed areas, according to those who undertook the work on behalf of Continental Tyres.

The speed limits were introduced along the quays by Dublin City Council last year.

The survey, which covered all vehicles, was carried out using Tele-Traffic laser speedgun technology. It found that just nine in every 100 were travelling at 30kmh or less.

The highest speed recorded was by a van at 58kmh, or nearly twice the limit.

Continental Tyres chief Paddy Murphy said the high level of speeding could be traced to motorists being unaware they were driving in a 30kmh speed limit area because there were no prominent signs to tell them.

He called for signage to be sorted not just to slow drivers down but because of other safety implications. He said speeding drivers can suddenly find themselves behind a car observing the limit and have no option but to brake sharply.

"Drivers overestimate the stopping ability of their car. For example, at 50kmh, an average car on good tyres in good weather conditions will take almost 24 metres (six car lengths) to stop."

The speed limit applies to a large section of the city centre including between Ormond and Eden quays north of the River Liffey and Wellington and Burgh quays on the southside.

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