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More than 10pc of women students sexually assaulted 'when drunk or drugged'





MORE than 60pc of female students experience unwanted sexual advances because of someone else’s drinking on a yearly basis, according to a new report.

A survey of over 1,200 students in NUI Galway and University College of Cork, found that 60.3pc of females were groped, grabbed, kissed or touched against their will because of the person’s alcohol consumption.

This illustrated a stark difference compared to men, with 36pc of males experiencing unwanted advances, while 7.7pc of both genders felt pressurised into having sex with someone.

The findings also found that a staggering 21pc of female students have had sexual contact with another person because they were threatened with physical force.

Dr Pádraig McNeela from NUIG’s School of Psychology said that consent is a grey area for students.

“We wish to promote the idea of consent being active, ongoing and clearly expressed, as our research suggests that it is currently a grey area for many students.

“It is important to consider how this lack of clarity might contribute to the problem of sexual assault and a culture that might perpetuate gender-based harassment and violence,” said Dr McNeela.

More than one in 10 female students believe they were sexually assaulted in the past year when they were drunk or drugged.

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