Tuesday 15 October 2019

More men getting nip-tucks to compete

Lynne Kelleher

Rising numbers of Irish males are opting for a nip and tuck, with almost as many men as women going under the knife for a facelift, according to a leading clinic.

Well-known personalities, fitness trainers and firemen are just some of the male professions getting plastic surgery as LA-style procedures are carried out in private clinics around the country.

A top plastic surgery clinic has also revealed how men have been spending their redundancy settlements on surgery in a bid to compete with younger men in the workforce.

The managing director of Cosmedico Clinic in Wicklow, Ailish Kelly, said the clinic carried out up to 30 facelifts a month.

She said: "Facelifts are becoming more and more popular with men. We have a 40/60 split with men and women having facelifts. A lot of these men are separated men who are back on the scene or men who have lost their jobs. That is probably linking in with the climate we are in, in that they just want to look better.

"They are in competition with younger, better-looking guys and they don't want to look old, and they don't want to look tired.

"They're getting work done. Facial surgery is becoming huge. They're spending their redundancy money to go out and get another job."

She said some well-known faces and media figures have gone under the knife for facelifts in recent years.

She said: "We've had media people in to get their lower face and neck lifted. They would be recognisable and some of them are on TV.

"Some of them have said it is the high definition on television. The lower face and neck lift gets rid of the jowls and tightens them up. They don't get a full facelift because Botox can work on the forehead."

Surprisingly, men in the fitness industry are also big customers as they opt for liposuction to remove stubborn fat which proves to be resistant to diet and exercise.

She said: "Everybody has diet-resistant fat. There are men who are really into their appearance and they will come in and have liposuction to have the tiny bit of fat on their stomach out.

"These can be fitness instructors whose bodies are in such good nick and they want perfection. Some men will also ask for a six-pack which surgeons can do through a technique in liposuction."

Kelly said there had been a major rise in the number of men attending the clinic.

She said: "It has definitely doubled over the past year. Even since June of this year, the increase in males has been huge.

"We have had hundreds of men in here for surgery. Last Tuesday, every single one of our patients was male. There were seven patients and they were all men.

"There were in for rhinoplastys, which are nose operations; gynecomastia procedures, which is the removal of male chest fat; and liposuction on the abdomen area.

"The top procedure is the removal of male chest fat.

"The men who come into the clinic cross every single solitary divide. There are as young as 19, and we had a 73-year-old man in two or three weeks ago.

"He was in for the bags under his eyes. His wife had died a few years ago and he had met a new woman at a dance and he thought he looked very tired and older than he was, so he decided to get the bags removed from his eyes."

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