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Saturday 21 April 2018

More injury woes for BOD in skiing stitch-up

Brian O’Driscoll shows off his skiing injury and the stitches in his knee
Brian O’Driscoll shows off his skiing injury and the stitches in his knee
Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan

Brian O'Driscoll surely thought the days of ice packs and bandages were over when he hung up the rugby boots for good back in 2014.

The Ireland legend suffered his fair share of injuries on the battlefield during his time.

And the safe haven of the pundit studio is as close as he gets to the bruising field of play nowadays.

But it seems the former number 13, who won 133 caps for his country, just cannot get away from the treatment table no matter how hard he tries.

O'Driscoll was away skiing this week and suffered a nasty injury that could be mistaken for size 10 studs right into his knee.

"'You've got to ski,' they said. 'You'll have a ball,' they said. #18stitches in a ball," wrote O'Driscoll on an Instagram post accompanied by a picture of the knee before and after the 18 stitches.

A few years ago the sight of an O'Driscoll injury in the month of March would have had the nation holding its breath.

But since his retirement, there was a far more relaxed reaction to BOD's injury blow.

One fan replied: "It's just a scratch, you've had worse playing rugby."

Ironically, skiing was one of the activities that O'Driscoll was most anticipating on his retirement from rugby.

"I'm looking forward to going skiing later in the winter.

"I've never skied before, but now I'm able to book things months in advance and say I'll be there," he said back in 2014.

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