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Monday 18 December 2017

More countries now executioners

THE number of countries executing convicts rose to 23 in 2010, four more than in 2009, Amnesty International said in a new report.

Globally, Amnesty said at least 527 executions were carried out in 2010. But Amnesty estimates China killed thousands of convicts in 2010.

Police hold 'dead or alive' poster dad

A 19-year-old Californian girl dating a 33-year-old registered sex offender called police after her father allegedly put posters around her college campus offering $3,000 (€2,129) for the boyfriend's body -- "dead or alive".

The posters included the boyfriend's name and picture, identifying him as a convicted sex criminal. The dad was arrested and held by police.

Squirrel gets toilet break from Goose

A British entrepreneur has told of his surprise at finding a squirrel in his toilet bowl.

Duncan Goose was in Malawi when he came to the animal's rescue and set it free. The flush 42-year-old, whose company produces toilet roll, got a shock when he lifted the toilet lid in his hotel room to discover the squirrel.

Burglar's chase doesn't end well

A burglar who was chased away from the scene of a break-in was caught by police after falling 30 feet down a well.

The 21-year-old from Halifax, West Yorkshire, called the emergency services himself after he fell down the uncovered, five-foot wide hole.

Man cries fowl in rooster attack

A man who says he was attacked by a rooster at a US animal centre is seeking more than $50,000 (€35,497) for his injuries.

Mark Lovett says his injuries were caused when the territorial chicken repeatedly pecked at his right leg as he was putting up a fence at a ranch in Illinois.

Zoo rattled as snake escapes

The Reptile House at New York's Bronx Zoo was closed after a poisonous Egyptian cobra disappeared from its enclosure.

Zoo officials immediately secured the building after staff learned that the 20-inch adolescent snake was missing, It has not yet been located.

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