Saturday 16 December 2017

'Monster' threatened to kill children before arrest

Eimear Ni Bhraonain

A MAN jailed for torturing his parents threatened to kill two schoolchildren who were out delivering messages for the Catholic Church, the Irish Independent has learnt.

John Trimble Jnr (39) also stalked a teenage boy by parking at the shop outside his school.

And he terrorised a young mother who lived alone with her son in the countryside in Bolart, Co Offaly. Three more people came forward last night and exposed Trimble, stating they complained to gardai almost 20 times between them about his "weird" behaviour over the past decade.

And they said that were it not for the tenacity of the garda sergeant in Clara, Jer Glavin, in pursuing him that he would still be persecuting his elderly parents and harassing women.

Trimble, described as a "sadistic monster", was handed a 15-year prison sentence for a litany of horrific crimes against his father, John Snr (71), and mother, Elizabeth (70), last Thursday.

A married couple told the Irish Independent that Trimble "frightened the life" out of their son when he drove his BMW at him five years ago.

The boy's father confronted Trimble and told him to "stay away" from his family. He also complained to gardai.

The couple revealed that their 18-year-old daughter cried with relief when she discovered Trimble was finally behind bars because she feared him ever since he threatened to kill her when she was little.

"I was never afraid of him but my daughter was petrified of him. When I'd be at bingo, she'd sit in here with every blind in the house pulled down so he wouldn't be looking in."


The couple said Trimble told their daughter, who was out on the road with a neighbour's child on their bikes, that he'd kill them both. The children were just 14 and eight years old at the time.

"They delivered messages for the church, holy books and that, and he came out and threatened them."

They also told how Trimble stalked their son at his school. He parked at the shop opposite the young man's school in Clara and "watched him" before he went home. "If I had seen Trimble two months ago on my property, I would have taken a hatchet to him for what he did to my family," the mother fumed.

"He swerved the car at our son when he was 18. He used to come home to me and say, 'Mam, is he watching me?'."

In the 10 years Trimble lived down the road from the couple, the family only met John Trimble Snr once and had "never seen" his wife, Elizabeth.

The mother described how Trimble spent "his whole time" walking the back roads, dressed in black.

"He'd disappear sometimes and reappear. I would see him and then five minutes later, he'd be gone. He was a sick human being."

Although the neighbours said that Trimble was a "pervert" who stalked women, they were in the dark about the ordeal his parents were going through.

One man said he was "disgusted" to see his neighbour, who lived alone with her young son, terrorised by Trimble.

"He'd park outside her house while she was cutting the grass. Or he'd stand at the gate with his shirt open and his belly hanging out over his trousers," said a woman who complained 15 times about Trimble in the 10 years she lived in Bolart.

Gardai warned him about his behaviour and the woman noticed that Trimble did not go "up and down" her road and wait outside like he used to.

"He was really weird. I never spoke to him, he'd just stand there," she said.

"He'd stare at you and make faces and he'd be foaming at his mouth. His shirt would be open in the summer, it was intimidating."

Trimble used to make his mother, Elizabeth, walk naked to a shed at the back of the house to do the laundry every morning.

He also made her get on her hands and knees and wash the floor naked.

He forced his parents into taking freezing showers and would only allow them to drip dry, sometimes with the back door open.

Irish Independent

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