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Molly Martens’ ex-fiancé on his relationship with the convicted killer and her ‘shocking’ attempts to make Jason Corbett ‘look like a bad guy’



Molly Martens and Keith Maginn

Molly Martens and Keith Maginn

Molly Martens and Keith Maginn

A man who was in a relationship with convicted killer Molly Martens-Corbett has revealed how she messaged him on Facebook after he went public about their time together, saying: “How could you do this to me… don’t you know how good a mother I was?”

Keith Maginn (39) dated the former model for a year back in 2007 - just before she moved to Ireland to work as a nanny for dad-of-two Jason Corbett, who she later became romantically involved with.

Molly Martens-Corbett (33) and her father Thomas Martens (67) were convicted in August of the murder of Mr Corbett (39) at the couple’s North Carolina home in 2015.

They are now challenging the verdict after they alleged juror misconduct and have appealed their convictions to the State's highest appeal court.

Her ex-fiancé, Mr Maginn, told Independent.ie about how she had a habit of “squirming out of lies”, claimed she got “pregnant on purpose” while they were together and said Thomas Martens, a retired FBI agent, had a “very high opinion of himself and looked down on everybody else”.

Mr Maginn, who works as a flight attendant in the United States, decided to speak out about their relationship as he is “shocked” that the father and daughter are still trying to maintain they are innocent.

Mr Maginn met Martens-Corbett through a dating website and said they fell in love “really fast”, moving in together after just six weeks.

“She was extremely free-spirited, I had never met someone like her before. She was just really fun and carefree and seemed special, there was something about her,” he said.

“Early on she told me she was bipolar. I hadn’t experienced it firsthand so I didn’t think much of it because she was so fun and happy. But that was only because she was balanced by her medications at that point. And when it wasn’t balanced, she was a completely different person.”

He said she never showed violence towards him, but they did have “explosive” arguments.

“If we were having a conversation and it started to get heated, I would say I’m going to go for a walk and clear my head, but she wouldn’t let me leave. Other than some yelling and door slamming, there was no violence or anything like that.

He revealed how she suffered a miscarriage while they were together, and how that brought her to a “whole new level of sadness”.

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At the time, he said they were struggling financially and mentally, and he didn’t believe it was fair for them to bring a baby into the world.

“What happened showed her character quite well. She swore to me she was using birth control and then I would find her birth control laying around our place very sporadically used. When I would confront her she would come up with an excuse. She ended up getting pregnant.


Keith Maginn and Molly Martens

Keith Maginn and Molly Martens

Keith Maginn and Molly Martens

“I was still believing she was an honest, decent person. Now I think she got pregnant on purpose because she always said kids were what would make her happy. I believe she was using me to get pregnant and I was horrified because she was taking 16 different medications in one day, which is astounding, and I knew that if the baby was going to be born, it would be severely damaged from all those powerful medications.

“We were in no position to raise a kid in a healthy, stable home. We were struggling financially, I was struggling physically, she was struggling mentally. I was terrified. She had a nightmare she lost the baby and a day or two later we went to the hospital and they said yes, she did lose the baby.”

Mr Maginn, who is a native of Ohio, was working at a non-profit organisation at the time and said Molly’s parents looked down on him because of that.

“At the beginning they were nice to me and really happy with the relationship because Molly was doing so well. A lot of people said they had never seen her so happy,” he said.

“Once things started to fall apart then all of a sudden I became the scapegoat and the bad guy, which shocked me as I was doing everything to make the situation better. It wasn’t like I abandoned her like a lot of people would have.”

Thomas and Sharon Martens owned the apartment where the couple were living. Mr Maginn was the only one working at the time and had to pay all the rent.

He felt because his job didn’t pay well, Thomas Martens had a low opinion of him.

“A lot of people were like ‘man, he just seems so pompous and arrogant’ during that interview [with ABC News], well that’s kind of how he was when I was around him. He had a very high opinion of himself and he looked down on everybody else.

“I was working in a non-profit at the time. I thought it was an honourable job as I was helping the less fortunate. I didn’t get paid much but I was proud of the job I was doing."

One day, Martens-Corbett turned to him and said she was thinking of moving to Ireland to work as a nanny for “a few weeks”.

He thought nothing of it, as he said she “often came out with outlandish plans”.

However, she followed through with her plan and he said he never saw her again after that.

She contacted him 10 days after she arrived in Ireland and until the recent Facebook message, he hadn’t received any other communication from her.

“She never mentioned Ireland once until literally before she decided to go. She told me she was going to look for a job nannying in Europe. I thought something was amiss but never in my right mind did I think she was never going to return or speak to me again.

“And I had no idea [about Jason Corbett] until I got an email in October 2015 from a detective in North Carolina, saying he understood we were once in a relationship and she was a person of interest in a crime.

“I talked to him days later and he laid out to me what had happened and then I found out from some of the people in Ireland that when she got there, I didn’t exist. She never mentioned that we were engaged, and as far as they knew, she was single.”

Mr Maginn was critical of the interview the father and daughter gave to the popular 20/20 show on ABC News.

He felt that they tried to portray Mr Corbett as a “controlling man”, when he didn’t believe this to be the case at all.

“From all accounts, he was a nice guy, a gentle giant and fun loving guy who everyone loved and there was no reason to think he wasn’t until that 20/20 interview came out, which I thought was unfair.

“It only showed the alibi that Molly and her dad were going with, that he was this violent, angry person, when I don’t believe that.

“They [the public] could tell that they were lying and there was no history of domestic violence or anything like that. I felt all along that he was a good guy that got caught up in a bad situation and that they lied about it to try and cover up their own actions.”

Mr Corbett had repeatedly declined to sign adoption papers in favour of Ms Martens-Corbett, his second wife, involving his two children.

The Limerick man lost his first wife Margaret 'Mags' Fitzpatrick to a tragic asthma attack when she was just 30.

Lawyers for Thomas Martens filed a motion alleging that Ms Fitzpatrick’s father believed Mr Corbett was responsible for her death - which was later strenuously denied by the family.

“I was shocked they had the audacity to say that Jason may be responsible for his first wife’s death, which her family utterly denied that was even a possibility,” Mr Maginn said.

“You have already done enough to this family, how sick and twisted can you be.”

Mr Maginn, who is also an author, said that he was trolled by a lot of people on the internet after he spoke out initially, with people accusing him of doing so “for money” and to “promote his books”.

He previously wrote about his time with Martens-Corbett in his memoir 'Turning This Thing Around'.

“Jason doesn’t get a chance to say his side. His family decided they didn’t want to and good on them for not talking to anybody, they have gone through enough. Part of the reason I spoke out is because I felt there needed to be an opposition to their lies of Jason being this monster and them being innocent, which clearly wasn’t the case.”

During the murder trial, the father and daughter claimed they acted entirely in self-defence.

However, both were found to be totally uninjured at the scene.

In contrast, Mr Corbett's skull had been crushed after he sustained a minimum of 12 blows from a metal baseball bat and a concrete garden paving brick.

His skull was so badly crushed that a pathologist could not determine the precise number of blows he had sustained.

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