Tuesday 23 July 2019

Models of Versatility

As Barry Egan talks to model and actress Vivienne Connolly (Page 12), Pat Fitzpatrick looks at others who have mixed modelling with showbiz

Mark was shown grabbing his lunchbox in a 1992 ad for Calvin Klein boxer shorts. If this makes you think "wasn't his mammy great to make sure he didn't go hungry at work?", you probably need to see the photo. Did the photo cause a flurry of complaints because of the way it objectified men? It did in its lunchbox. There wasn't a word of complaint from the feminists. They were probably too busy looking for their glasses. Phwoar!


Got a nasty shock when she visited the U.K. with Nicolas Sarkozy. The local media put nude photos from her modelling days on the cover of every newspaper. She was unlucky , because the English tabloids are normally so discreet. The visit passed off without incident because the royal handlers were given one instruction: Don't let Prince Phillip see any newspapers until Carla goes home. We don't want him greeting her with "nice titties."





She's a regular in perfume ads. It's a genre we often see around Christmas. A gorgeous woman wanders half-naked around a Parisian apartment. There is no shortage of satin hanging from the ceiling. A guy in a tuxedo appears behind her and kisses her on the ear. A snooker referee. Is there anything sexier? We're pretty sure Uma's buddy, Quentin Tarantino, has never directed a perfume ad. That's because they never feature a chainsaw. Unfortunately.

Uma Thurman


A message from the ordinary men of Ireland: We hereby salute Nadia Forde for her efforts last year on I'm A Celebrity Get me Out of Here. No longer can our old friends, the Brits, maintain that we are an unhygienic, pig-in the-parlour class of a race. You only have to look at all the showers Nadia took in her bikini during the show. Trust us when we say that,we looked at every single one of them. We would like to also salute the man who invented slow motion. Fair play.



She's not just about modelling. Kate played tambourine on two Oasis tracks, Don't Go Away and Fade Away. (There was plenty confusion in Oasis around the time.) Most people think it's pretty easy to play the tambourine. Wrong. Pick one up and you'll see that it's incredibly easy. Kate was dropped by some sponsors after it emerged she had taken cocaine. They were as shocked as the rest of us to discover that a legend on the London party scene would have anything to do with drugs.

Kate Moss


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